Concert Band

The language of music is common to all generations and nations; it is understood by everybody, since it is understood with the heart.

Gioachino Rossini


Band has positively impacted my life in the last year by giving me the opportunity to learn the flute with a sense of responsibility, multi-tasking, and patience. The type of music we would learn are songs like London Bridge,  Ode to Joy, Hard Rock Blues, and more. My personal favorite is Hard Rock Blues because it has such a catchy beat. When we play for concerts, I would be nervous because I was afraid that I would mess up but Mr. Oberlin would assure me that I wouldn’t and that I would do great, and that felt very comforting.

Cheyenne Francis

Grade 7

With almost two years of experience in band class with Mr. Oberlin, I can say that this has been one of the most fun things I have ever done. When I first joined the band, it immediately became my favorite class simply because of my teacher’s joyous personality. He makes learning our instruments fun and happy. Around the middle of the year, we had our first concert where we had to play four songs and afterwards, we were all so happy. After almost two years I can say that band has been one of the most fulfilling extracurriculars I’ve ever done.

Khasmir Brown

Grade 7

I’m in the band and my band teacher is Mr. Oberlin. I’ve been in his class since 6th grade and have learned quite a lot from him. He’s an understanding teacher and when it’s time to be serious he’s serious, but he’s a fun teacher. Throughout my years in Meyer Levin in the band, learning a new instrument was quite a journey. It really impacted my learning experience in learning something I’m not used to. He teaches the class and me how to play scales and play actual music for people to enjoy.

Erica Cilus Guerrier

Grade 8

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