Who We Are


Meyer Levin graduates will be well-rounded, global citizens who exhibit love of self, independence and maturity. They will be lifelong learners who are driven to take strategic risks, be high performing in academics, athletics, the arts, and leave Meyer Levin with a competitive edge that prepares them for college or future careers. They will be productive members of society who possess adaptive daily living skills and qualities which will allow them to not only survive but thrive.


The Meyer Levin community will provide a safe space and create opportunities for self-discovery in academics, performing arts, athletics, and social activism. We will challenge our students through innovative practices that engage and inspire independence and critical thinking. We will foster the boldness to dream by developing a commitment to celebrate their talents, their history, and transforming citizens who will take charge of their futures and have an impact on the global community.

Core Values

Meyer Levin students will be…


Take risks, step outside the box, and challenge yourself.


Never work in isolation and establish the importance of collective work.


Be a visionary, be prolific, and share your talents with the world.


Strive for excellence without excuses.


Learn about your past to inform your future.

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